Top tips for scanning the mare reproductive tract

Horse and foal

With equine reproductive season now getting started, vets everywhere are once again starting to scan mares to examine their reproductive systems, identifying any issues which may prevent conception or contribute to complications during pregnancy and to prepare them for successful breeding.

Scanning in itself is a very specialized skill and so requires not only knowledge of the animal but also an appreciation for the imaging equipment being used in order to ensure the best quality of images are obtained. Even just a wrong setting on the scanner can greatly impact not only the quality of image but also the success and accuracy of the diagnosis.

To assist vets throughout the equine repro season we have produced a number of short videos which best demonstrate how to scan the mare reproductive tract including the uterus, the ovaries and through the early stages of pregnancy.

The videos will benefit new graduates by demonstrating the various techniques required to ensure a successful and thorough scan whilst also offering vets the opportunity to refresh their memories or to help with training less experienced vets.

Helping you through the scanning process

Simply click on the videos below for top tips on scanning mares

  • Video 1 - The Uterus

  • Video 3 - The Early Pregnancy (14-18 days)

  • Video 2 - The Ovaries

  • Video 4 - The Early Pregnancy (24-28 days)

Further help

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