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  • Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner in use (1)
  • Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner in use (2)
  • Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner in use (3)
  • BCF Easi-Scan Curve Bovine 37 Day Pregnancy (1)
  • BCF Easi-Scan Curve Bovine 61 Day Pregnancy
  • Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner in use (5)
  • Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner in use (6)
  • Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner in use (7)
  • Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner in use (4)
  • BCF Easi-Scan Curve Bovine 94 Day Bull Calf Head 8 CM
  • BCF Easi-Scan Curve Bovine 94 Day Bull Calf Head 24 CM

Easi-Scan Curve

Curved for a deeper and wider image

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Highlights of the Easi-Scan Curve:

  • Deeper Penetration with the curved probe technology
  • Robust and reliable
  • Small and Portable
  • Excellent image quality with 128 element probe produces 40 frames per second across 16 channels

With Easi-Scan curve you get a wide field of view and greater/improved depth. Easi-Scan combines great image quality for early pregnancy (28 days onwards) and the ability to age late pregnancies (60-120 days) even when the foetus has dropped over the pelvic brim.


Additional Features

Optional accessories

  • Cow ultrasound Easi-Scan carry bag

    Easi-Scan carry bag

    Alleviate shoulder strain when you wear the Easi-Scan bag around your waist. The bag keeps your hands free to maneuver the probe.

  • Easi-Scan Battery Charger

    Easi-Scan battery charger

    The portable battery charger is one option for charging your Easi-Scan batteries. It’s great for ultrasound machines on the move as it can be powered through a car charger or a standard wall outlet. Your batteries are fully charged in 5 hours.

  • Easi-Scan-charging-carry-case-4x3-600x450

    Easi-Scan charging carry case

    Travel to your herd checks with the carry case keeping Easi-Scan and its accessories clean, dry and together. What makes this portable hard-sided case such a valuable accessory? It’s also a charging station for your ultrasound machine. The case charges two batteries simultaneously and can plug into a standard wall outlet or a car charger. Utilizing a carry case just makes Easi-Scan even easier.

  • Remote-Display-shoulder-strap-4x3-600x450

    Easi-Scan shoulder strap

    The shoulder strap is an option for your Easi-Scan ultrasound machine when you don’t want to use the waist bag. It attaches to the Easi-Scan and suspends your machine at waist level. It is easy to put your Easi-Scan on and take it off with the shoulder strap. The strap is strong and adjustable to meet your needs.

  • Easi-Scan arms free ultrasound probe introducer

    Probe introducer

    The probe introducer makes your Easi-Scan an arm-free bovine ultrasound machine. It’s easier to enter and exit dairy and beef cattle giving you faster checks. Extremely fast pregnant and open diagnoses are easier. You can scan longer without a tired and sore arm. It is only 1.2 inches in diameter, much smaller than your arm, putting less stress on the animal. Find out more about the probe introducer.

  • Video-splitter-4x3-600x450

    Video splitter

    The video splitter allows for two wired viewing devices to be used at one time. You can use it with Easi-Scan and Duo-Scan ultrasound machines. It is a great teaching tool or whenever you want to share an image with someone. For example, you can wear a BUG while a herdsman and other employees are observing on a larger monitor. It can also be used with a video capture device to collect video.

  • Easi-Scan battery


    Complete a whole day of scanning hassle-free with the long lasting Easi-Scan batteries. Easi-Scan comes with two batteries that last up to seven hours in the standby mode. They have a 4 hour life with normal use. The batteries weigh less than 1.5 pounds and clip to the front of your ultrasound scanner.

  • BCF Easi-Grip

    BCF Easi-Grip

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