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ImaGo L veterinary ultrasound scanner

ImaGo - The scanner for any field

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Imago, the scanner for any field


Portable and also sturdy, the IMAGO scanner is a combination of high technologies in the service of field veterinarians. You benefit from an exceptional image quality that allows you a fast and reliable diagnosis.


Thanks to its ultra-compact size, the IMAGO is the portable scanner by excellence. Thanks to its battery you take advantage of several hours of continuous use without electric connection. As the battery is exchangeable you do not count the hours of ambulatory use anymore.
Its sturdiness and long working time make this scanner a real field tool.

Multi Purpose

Due to a wide range of multi-frequency probes, IMAGO meets all application requirements for the best result always.

User friendly

This device is easy and fast, as well as its use on a daily basis, therefore the user friendly aspect is the key word in the interface. The quality in ergonomics, the multiple automatic functions as well as the customizable data make Imago a pleasant, easy and fast ultrasound scanner to use and work with.

Open Technology

Easy to upgrade, IMAGO is a progressive ultrasound scanner. Its digital conception allows hardware and software to be upgraded; thus you are always using the latest technologies and latest functions to meet new requirements.



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