• DP-30 veterinary ultrasound scanner

Mindray DP-30 veterinary ultrasound scanner

Lightweight, portable black and white scanner ideal for a small animal, equine or mixed practice.

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The entry level Mindray DP-30 is a lightweight, portable non-Doppler scanner ideal for a small animal, equine or mixed practice.

Highlights of the Mindray DP-30:

  • Good quality non-Doppler scanner for first opinion practice
  • Two seconds to switch on and ready to scan
  • Wide range of affordable probes available
  • Only available from BCF.

The Mindray DP-30 is a member of the Mindray 'DP' family of products. It offers similar functionality to other members including the same iClear speckle reduction technology. It also shares the iStation image management system and has an excellent 320Gb of memory. Still images and movie clips can be stored to the scanner itself or exported directly to a USB memory stick.


Additional Details

Probes and accessories

The DP-30 with a single micro-convex probe (65C15 5.0-8.5 MHz 15mm radius) can be used to perform abdominal and cardiac examinations on a wide range of species including dogs, cats, rabbits and reptiles.

The 75L50 5.0-10.0 MHz 50cm footprint probe can be used to perform pregnancy scan and basic distal limb exams in horses, making this an affordable option for first opinion equine practices.

  • GE Mindray 65C15 micro convex probe

    65C15 5.0-8.5 MHz 15mm radius micro-covex probe

    General small animal and exotic exams – adbominal, cardiac, ophthalamology, intracolemic

  • GE Mindray DP30 35C50 micro convex probe

    35C50 2.0-6.0 MHz 50mm radius convex probe

    Equine abdomen, large dog abdomen

  • GE Mindray 35C50 micro-convex probe

    75L38 5.0-10.0 MHz 38mm footprint linear probe

    Equine musculoskeletal, small animal superficial abdomen

  • GE Mindray 75L50 rectal linear probe

    75L50 5.0-10.0 MHz 50cm footprint rectal linear probe

    Equine musculoskeletal, equine and bovine reproduction

  • GE Mindray 50L60 rectal probe

    50L60 4.0-7.5 MHz 60cm footprint rectal probe

    Equine reproduction and bovine reproduction – longer than the 75L50 probe, giving a wider image

  • 35C20 2.0-5.0 MHz 20mm radius micro-convex probe

    Large dog abdomen, equine abdomen

  • Trolley


  • Carry bag

    Carry bag

  • Other accessories

    DICOM networking

    Rechargeable battery

    Metal case stand-off for L60 rectal probe

    Metal case stand-off ofor L50 rectal probe

    Four sided gel stand-off

    Clip on stand-off for L38 tendon probe.

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