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Mindray Z6 veterinary ultrasound scanner

The smart compact Z6 offers amazing image quality and functionality, with no compromise on features at an affordable price.

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The Mindray Z6 is a great all round scanner for your practice if you're only starting out or wanting to upgrade from your traditional black and white ultrasound machine, the Z6 is for you. It has cart based capabilities in its new smart, compact design with abdo and echo features if you wish to expand your services and build your cases in general practice, without the compromise on price.


Highlights of the Mindray Z6

  • Great value for money 
  • Wide range probes including phased array probes at an affordable price bracket
  • You can adjust imaging parameters to gain an image just how you like it
  • Presets for various types of examinations such as abdomen and cardiac to optimise the image appearance
  • Colour and Pulsed Wave (PW) Doppler as standard
  • Easy storage and quick review of images.
Additional Details

Probes and accessories

The Z6 with a single micro-convex probe (65C15 5.0-8.5 MHz 15mm radius) can be used to perform abdominal and cardiac examinations on a wide range of species including dogs, cats, rabbits and reptiles.

The 75L50 5.0-10.0 MHz 50mm footprint probe can be used to perform pregnancy scan and basic distal limb exams in horses, making this an affordable option for first opinion equine practices.

  • Linear probe

    7L5P 5-10MHz Linear Probe

  • Micro Convex probe

    6C2P 5-8.5 MHz Micro-Convex Probe

  • Linear probe

    L14- 6P 8-14 MHz Linear probe

  • Phased Array Probe

    P7-3P 2-8MHz Phased Array Probe

  • Carry bag

    Carry bag

  • Other accessories

    DICOM networking

    Rechargeable battery

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